Online Resources: University of Hawaii at Manoa Library Digital Collections

Planners often look to the past to inform their work. Whether it be historical maps, old photos, or previously published newspapers; this information functions as a valuable resource for our work that helps guide the future. A key resource for historical information that APA Hawaii Chapter planners may find valuable is the University of Hawaii at Manoa Library’s Digital Collection. The collection includes historical and cultural material that UHM Library has scanned and made available online. Digital resources include information related to Hawaii and Pacific culture and history.

UHM Library Digital Collections that may be of interest to APA Hawaii Chapter members include:

  • Georeferenced Hawaii Historical Maps 1885-1904. This digital collection allows planners to access the UHM Library’s Maps, Aerial Photographs, and GIS Department’s (MAGIS) collection of maps of the principal islands of Hawaii for the period between 1885-1904. Georeferenced TIFF versions of most of the maps are available for download. Other contemporary maps of various Hawaii state geographies are also available in this collection.
  • Digital Image Collection. This digital collection contains historic and contemporary images relevant to Hawaii as well as other broader geographies including Asia and the Pacific.
  • Hawaiian Language Newspapers. This digital collection provides access to select, heavily used Hawaiian language newspapers and individual articles published from the mid-nineteenth through the early twentieth centuries.
  • eVols – Digitized Rare & Research Material. This digital collection is a repository for material UHM digitizes as part of grant projects and digital library initiatives. The collection can be searched by subject, which is a function planner’s looking for information of topical relevance to their work will find useful.