Maui County Planning Update - Winter 2022

Community Plan Updates

By Jennifer Maydan, Maui County Planning Department Long Range Division

West Maui Community Plan

The Maui County Council adopted the updated West Maui Community Plan in December 17, 2021.  This is the first community plan on Maui to be updated since the adoption of the Maui Island Plan in 2012.  The West Maui Community Plan envisions a resilient, equitable and healthy community.  It provides for new growth to meet the housing needs of the region and is the first plan to use the new mixed-use community plan designations to create walkable complete communities.  The plan supports multi-modal transportation and mobility and protection of cultural, historic and natural resources.  The process to update the 1996 West Maui Community Plan included research, broad community engagement supported by an interactive website and review by the West Maui Community Plan Advisory Committee, Maui Planning Commission and County Council.  The plan, along with a web-based map, is available on the Planning Department’s website here.

South Maui Community Plan

We are preparing for the Growth Alternatives Open House in mid-April.   This will be the final public engagement event to support development of the Draft South Maui Community Plan.  The open house will be an online self-paced activity exploring various growth alternative maps for the community plan region.  Participants will be able to provide feedback on the growth alternatives which will be used to develop the Planning Department recommended alternative.  We are also using feedback from past public engagement events to develop policies and actions for inclusion in the plan.  You can find more information about the update here.