APA National Divisions: Joining a Cohort Engaged in Your Professional Interest

Hawaiian fishpond destroyed at Wailupe to develop housing. Photo by John Kelly; courtesy of UHM Library Digital Image Collections.

APA National’s 24 divisions are centered around topics such as economic development; sustainable communities; and tribal and indigenous planning. These divisions are comprised of planners sharing similar professional interests. Membership in a division provides opportunities to connect with other planners engaged in the same area of interest who can support each other with continued education and professional development in that area. We encourage Hawaii Chapter members to join a planning division they are interested in. Specific planning divisions that may be of interest to Hawaii Chapter members include:

  • Environment, Natural Resources, and Energy Division
    • This division is focused on working toward a more sustainable way of life. It aims to promote an understanding and appreciation of the importance of the natural environment while engaging with stakeholders to solve complex natural resource and energy-related problems planners are confronted with.
  • Federal Planning Division
    • This division is comprised of practitioners engaged in planning for federal properties in the United States and overseas. Planners in this division aim to improve the quality of life for persons who live, work, and/or use federal lands and facilities; with the goal of protecting and enhancing the value of federal properties for their designated purposes.
  • Hazard Mitigation and Disaster Recovery Planning Division
    • Planners of this division are focused on reducing disaster risk and supporting communities as they recovery from disaster events. The division is comprised of planners from the public, private, and academic sectors that practice our profession domestically and internationally.
  • Small Town and Rural Planning Division
    • This division serves as a forum for planners in smaller communities and rural areas. The division maintains visibility on issues that challenge the changing face of "Small Town America". It promotes engagement in this area of interest by sponsoring sessions and workshops; running an awards program to recognize planning initiatives improving small communities; and sponsoring a scholarship for university students working with small and rural communities.
  • Tribal and Indigenous Planning Division
    • This division is focused on promoting awareness and action on Tribal and Indigenous planning issues for Tribal and Indigenous planners, peoples, nations, and their non-Tribal partners. The division aims to foster relationships among Tribal and Indigenous planners, encourage an understanding of issues and topics unique and important to Native nations and Indigenous communities; empower Tribal and Indigenous planners to become strong allies and advocates; expand the cohort of Tribal and Indigenous planners and students; and assist Tribal and Indigenous planners along with their allies to address planning issues in their communities.