Congratulations to our APA-HI Chapter Student Scholarship recipients!

The APA Hawai‘i Chapter's UHM DURP Student Scholarship recognizes UH Manoa Department of Urban and Regional Planning students for their service to the campus community, leadership, and efforts to strengthen town-gown relations. Awardees were announced at this year’s virtual World Town Planning Day event that was held on November 5, 2021.

This year, our goal was to raise $2,000 dollars for the scholarship. Due to the generosity of our donors, we raised a combined total of $4,800! Given the success of fundraising, four students received checks for $1,200 each.

We would like to congratulate the following individuals who received this year's scholarship award and recognize their hard work:

  • Kira Ramos 
  • Sydney Kramer 
  • William (Billie) Kinney Jr. 
  • Miles Nishioka

Funds awarded are intended to defray school expenses such as tuition and books and provide resources that will enhance student education. Preference is given to students who intend to pursue a planning career in Hawai‘i.

Mahalo to APA Hawai‘i Chapter members that donated to the scholarship! We cannot express enough to you all how grateful and proud we are for your continued efforts to engage, learn together, stay connected, and support the ongoing development of Hawai‘i’s planning profession. We would like to recognize the following donors for their support and contribution:

  • Ulupono Initiative 
  • Lori Munekiyo 
  • Paul and Amy Luersen 
  • Jacalyn Takakura 
  • Robert Crone 
  • Vincent and Alison Shigekuni 
  • Bennett Mark and Myna Loy Young
  • Ramona Mullahey 
  • Jeffrey Overton 
  • Cami Kloster 
  • Vivaswan Verawudh 
  • Amy Ford-Wagner 
  • Mathew Gonser 
  • Cody Winchester 
  • Ralph Portmore 
  • Kimberly Evans 
  • Ron Whitmore 
  • Scott H. Ezer 
  • Wendie R. McAllaster 
  • Richard Quinn 
  • Thomas A. Fee 
  • Dane E. Sjoblom 
  • George R. James 
  • Robyn Lee Loudermilk 
  • HELPS LLC (Henry Eng Land Planning Services) 
  • Munekiyo Hiraga