Senior Transportation Planner

Oahu Metropolitan Planning Organization

Honolulu, HI United States


The Senior Transportation Planner is responsible for highly complex planning activities that involve multiple partner agencies. The primary responsibility is to oversee the development of the Oahu Regional Transportation Plan (ORTP). The person in this role conducts research and analyzes transportation problems, issues, and policies; represents the OahuMPO in meetings with agencies and the public; coordinates planning activities with government agencies, private sector, and the public; writes reports/letters/memos; and performs other duties as assigned. The Senior Transportation Planner supervises and provides direction to planners on the development of the various activities of the metropolitan planning process.

The Senior Transportation Planner is responsible for the Oahu Regional Transportation Plan, Congestion Management Process, and sub-area studies. The Senior Transportation Planner may also manage the Travel Demand Forecasting Model (TDFM), and/or external consultants who maintain the TDFM for the OahuMPO. The Senior Transportation Planner manages several external consultant contracts, which includes managing the procurement process (creating the proposal, reviewing/selecting consultants), developing the contract and supplemental contract materials (e.g. extensions), reviewing/approving invoices, and other duties as necessary to successfully manage consultants.

The Senior Transportation Planner is also responsible for providing guidance and feedback to staff members working on the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) and the Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP or TA Set-Aside), oversees the development, update, and modification of these programs and their related processes. This position also provides guidance and feedback to staff members working on Title VI/Environmental Justice (Title VI/EJ), Public Participation Plan (PPP), sub-area studies, and other documents required by State or Federal governments.

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Experience Level
Senior (8-10 years)
AICP Level
Transportation Planning
Salary Range
$72,000 - $103,000

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