Waikīkī Beach Management and the Waikīkī Beach Special Improvement District Association

APA Hawai'i Chapter


Tuesday, October 4, 2016
noon - 1 p.m. HST

Honolulu, HI, United States

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Waikīkī Beach is a globally recognized icon of Hawai‘i and is the state’s largest tourist destination. Waikīkī generates approximately 42% of the state’s visitor industry revenue and is responsible for 8% ($5 billion) of the Gross State Product. Beaches are a primary attraction for visitors to Waikīkī, but suffer from long-term coastal erosion and beach loss.  Waikīkī Beach also has tremendous cultural significance as a former playground of Hawaiian royalty and the birthplace of the sport and culture of surfing. The beaches and myriad of world-renowned surf breaks and reef ecosystem located offshore are valuable natural resources that support the culture and lifestyle of Hawai‘i, and the idyllic image of Waikīkī. In 2015, the Waikīkī Beach Special Improvement District (WBSID) was created – this is only the third Special Improvement District (SID) on O‘ahu and uses a traditional economic and placemaking model specifically for natural resources management.

This presentation explains the process that facilitated the development of the WBSID.  The University of Hawai‘i Sea Grant College Program, in partnership with the Waikīkī Beach Special Improvement District Association, the non-profit management association of the WBSID, is coordinating the identification of strategies for the development and implementation of a Beach Management Plan for Waikīkī. The primary purpose of such a management plan is to identify, assess, and prioritize beach management projects and policies in Waikīkī for future beach maintenance and to facilitate potential funding sources and partnerships for these projects.  Pending projects and efforts are presented.

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Dolan Eversole

Invited Speaker

Dolan Eversole currently serves as the Waikīkī Beach Management Coordinator through the University of Hawai‘i Sea Grant Program, in partnership with the Waikīkī Beach Special Improvement District Association. He previously served as the NOAA Coastal Storms Program, Pacific Islands Regional Coordinator from 2010 to 2015, covering all the U ... Read More